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Surfing in Peru

Surfing in Peru


Lima is an amazing city with great food, cool vibe and great surf.  There is a lot of surf spots following the coast of the city.  The spots vary from beginner to intermediate. 

I personally went surfing more in a nice beginner spot called "Playa Makaha" near the Miraflores area.  They rent wetsuits and surfboards on the side of the beach.  If you swim far out the waves are a little bigger and fun to take.


Beautiful small surf town with numerous surf breaks.  Mainly has advanced and intermediate surf spots.  For beginners like me when the swell is low there is some easier surfable spots.  

Punta Hermosa is also known for it's outer reef breaks that take on massive waves. These waves are only for advanced and professional surfers.  It's pretty impressive to see people ride these crazy waves.

On the left some surfers ripping one of the rocky reef.  On the right is me trying to find my balls to get ready to go surf.

Playa Negra : 

This is more of a beach break spot with some rocks here and there.  There is about 4 surfable spots here.  Near the beach is easier and the deeper you go well the bigger it is and the harder it gets.  

To the left is Mario a cool guy we met who own a small surf shop on the side of the beach.  Genuinely a super cool dude with lot's of knowledge and a pretty damn good surfer considering that he's 60yrs old.  To the right is my wife making sure I don't kill myself out there in those waves.

Playa Caballeros :

Playa Caballeros is a rocky reef break with powerful left waves. Not crazy high but pretty damn powerful. 

This spot is filled with super good young rippers.  I was impressed to see so many young kids that where as good surfers.  Actually all of the local surfers I met are all very good surfers.  

Special thanks to my friend "Alvaro Perez Del Solar" for all of the great tips in Peru. 

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