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6 tips to travel for long periods without ruining yourself

6 tips to travel for long periods without ruining yourself

I have been travelling for numerous years from periods from 2 weeks to 6 month.  My last trip lasted for about 6 month and it's the trip that taught me the most about traveling without ruining myself.  When you travel for that long you need to be very wise about any financial decision because it has a great impact on how long you will be able to travel.  Below you will find my top 6 tips to travel without ruining yourself.  I hope this helps!!

TIP 01 | Rent your condo

Rent your condo, house or appartement on Airbnb.  When you do this make sure to have a safe place to store at zero costs some of your personal and precious belongings.  Such as : your clothing, jewellery, favourite books, etc.   For us we were lucky enough to have a basement that we could lock our things inside.  

TIP 02 | Sell what you don't need

Sell anything that you do not really need or that will lose value when you come back.  For example us we sold our car and did a small home sell of our clothing we didn't wear enough.  We also gave all the rest of the stuff we didn't really need to organizations that give back to the poor.  This is a good way to learn to let go of your material belongings.

TIP 03 | Chose countries that are cheap to live in

Chose countries that are cheap to live in.  This sounds obvious but it's a key element to be able to travel for a long time with less money.  In our case we visited 6 countries in 6 month and 4 of those countries were very cheap.  Here are the countries in order from the cheapest to the most expensive ; Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Honduras and Cost Rica.  

TIP 04 | Cook your own food

Try to find places to live in where they have a kitchen so that you can cook most of your meals (a fire on the beach can also do the job) . The more you cook your own meals and eat local the cheaper it is. 

TIP 05 | Use the local transportation

Use as much as you can the local transportation.  Again the more you live like a local the cheaper it will be.  You can also buy or lease a bike to get around in some places and stay cheap.  

TIP 06 | Stay for longer periods

Try not to move too much and establish yourself in some places for longer periods.  This enables you to negotiate better prices for lodging.  By doing this you also save on expensive transportations.  When you stay longer you can also find where to go to get the good quality, local and affordable food.  

Karl & Marie-Soleil 

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