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Maine Roadtrips 2016

Maine Roadtrips 2016

In 2016 I was lucky enough to have the time to go surfing every month from April to November. Below are a couple of picts from some of these road trips.

SPRING - (York Long sands) 

My adolescent boy also surfs and he usually joins me half of the time for some father and son sessions.  

SUMMER - (York Long sands) 

Surfing in the summer in Maine is great for the warm weather and warmer water.  The only downside is that the beach is very crowded and the waves are very small.  

If you need to rent a board, get surf gear or surf lessons you can check out Liquid Dreams at the following address ;  171 Long Beach Avenue, York

Website :  Liquid Dreams

AUTUMN - (York Long sands) 

I usually surf alone or with my few friends who are willing to adventure themselves in the cold weather of autumn.  My wife and my kid never come when it's too cold, it's just too crazy for them.  

The waves are great and powerful this time of the year.  I also like the very deserted vibe in the city.  It's cool to see the contrast from super crowded in the summer and completely deserted in autumn.

Lost in translation

Lost in translation

Maine, New Hampshire and Boston Solo Road trip

Maine, New Hampshire and Boston Solo Road trip